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Jennings County Moving Forward!

Jennings County Sheriff's Office

Protecting & Serving

Welcome to Jennings County! Jennings County is located in Southeast Indiana and is a rural county, with majority of the county containing personal farms and woodlands. The county is also home to several State parks and the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge.

As of 2010, the population was 28,525. Jennings County, named for the first Governor of Indiana and nine-term congressman, Jonathan Jennings, was formed in 1817. Jennings was governor when the county was organized.

We hope that you find the Jennings County Sheriff's Office website insightful and useful. We believe that open access to our daily operations equips our citizens to help us maintain Jennings County as a safe place to live and raise a family. We strongly believe an informed public is a safer public. Our hope is that the information provided on this website helps deter criminals and their crimes.

Mission Statement: It will be the mission of the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office to work with the community to provide services, to enforce the law based on constitutional rights, and to preserve the peace and to reduce the fear of Jennings County residents and visitors while enhancing the quality of life within our Community.

-Sheriff Wm. Kenny Freeman

submit a crime tip 812-346-0342 or submit via email
submit a crime tip 1-812-346-0342

Or submit via email
submit a crime tip

or submit via email