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Message to our TEAM - All of Jennings County



Good day Jennings County Folks.   I am Kenny Freeman your Sheriff.  I want to give you a little update as a summary of the past two years.  I want to discuss what we have done and the direction of where we are going.  Additionally, I want to talk about the three pillars that I used as my talking points when I was running for Sheriff.  Those three pillars were Community, Crime and Corrections.  This UPDATE is just another way to reach our community and be as transparent as possible. 

The first is Community:  I wanted to reach the community - to tell them / show them and explain to the community what we are doing and the steps we are taking to make Jennings County a better place and how we are keeping you safe.  This involves being transparent - I believe the more you know about what we are doing and how we accomplish things the more in touch the population feels they are also part of the solution.  Any you are - you are the solution to most issues.  We can't do our job without you - the information you provide to us is instrumental and vital in solving crimes and finding bad guys.  Your support is important for our efforts.   We love our citizens / we love our jobs of interacting with our citizens / we love our jobs of solving crimes and protecting citizens. 

The second pillar is crime.  My focus has been on combating drugs in our community.  I want to destroy the drug community and aggressively attack the drug dealers and get them in prison for as long of a sentence that I possibly can. I DON'T tolerate drug dealers!  I DON'T want you to tolerate drug dealers! I want to destroy the drug dealers lives and their enterprise!  Drugs use leads to most of our other crimes such as violence, burglaries and thefts.  Drugs use touches all of us - we either have someone in our families that uses or we know someone who uses.  We will continue to attack the drug trade with any legal means possible.  We are involved in several task forces around this region.  We continue to leverage technology against all crimes.

Finally, the third pillar is correction: our jail - we have created several programs designed to lead former criminals to success.  However, our programs were slowed significantly by the COVID restrictions for the safety of staff and inmates.  But, they weren't totally shutdown and we will be ramping back up soon.  We continue our Roses Acres and Decatur Plastics Products work release programs.  These programs are targeted on making sure that an inmate has a job as soon as they are released in effort to keep them from returning to the path that they were on - to give them a new direction to follow.  I don't want people returning to jail.


If you do decide to travel, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  •    Buckle your seatbelt always.
  •    Don't drink and drive - even one alcoholic drink can reduce your abilities and impair your judgment.
  •    Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel - eating, changing music stations, and digging for items in the floorboard or back seat can lead to trouble. Instead, pull over and take a break.
  •    Be courteous - because of the volume of vehicles on the road, you're bound to run into a few traffic jams, be cut off, or be forced to stop short - remain calm and courteous - don't let other drivers ruin your holidays

Have a safe, SPRING!

Thank you,

Wm. Kenny Freeman
Jennings County Sheriff Office

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