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The Jennings County Sheriff's Posse

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Our posse is a body of men and women, typically unarmed, summoned by our Sheriff's Office in order to provide more manpower in emergency response situations. This specific organization is known as "The Sheriff's Posse". The Posse will provide a great benefit for our law enforcement and the community in the event of needed additional participation in crucial search and rescue operations. Recent efforts on foot or vehicles have provided many benefits, but with our community expanding and rural areas requiring entry that are at times impossible, "The Posse" has been developed to provide further benefit for our safety and security. Although these members will not be classified as law enforcement and will not be required to enforce laws, they do receive training on various subjects.


Membership is comprised of both male and female volunteers. These individuals will utilize their own horse and/or all terrain vehicle to assist in assigned duties designated by Jennings County Sheriff, Kenny Freeman and Chief Deputy, David Turner. We will attempt to meet monthly when weather and availability of most members allow. Keep your equipment, vehicles, ATVs and horses well maintained.
Members with ATVs (quads and side by sides) are required to have access to their vehicles that may be evaluated and inspected by the sheriff's office to ensure safety.

Benefit to the community

Provide a presence of the Jennings County Sheriff Office during high populated events, assist in crucial search and rescue operations and provide emergency assistance in natural disasters.

Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever had ambitions to work with law enforcement? These necessary assignments will always be interesting and beneficial to our society. There are many ways our local citizens can assist in this exciting program by volunteering their time. Designated assignments and schedules are varied and flexible. The Jennings County Sheriff's Office is looking for determined, motivated and qualified individuals to join this expanding volunteer program. Volunteers will obtain training though our sheriff's office. Your life experiences can often be your most pertinent qualification.

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submit a crime tip 1-812-346-0342

Or submit via email
submit a crime tip

or submit via email