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Sheriff Kenny Freeman continues to show the potential capabilities of the Jennings County Jail



Sheriff Kenny Freeman continues to show the potential capabilities of the Jennings County Jail.  The jail capacity was 124 beds when he took over the reins.  Sheriff Freeman quickly identified that beds could be added to the common areas of the male housing units to create dorm style housing. Sheriff Freeman added 6 additional beds in both of the male housing units (12 total) bringing the jail capacity to 136.  Sheriff Freeman also worked with the State Jail Inspector to get approval to add an additional 24 beds in each of the two male housing units (48 total) if needed.

Next, Sheriff Freeman looked at ways to increase bed space for the females.  One way Sheriff Freeman identified to address the increased influx of female inmates is the building of a lower cost stand-alone housing unit.   The recommended size of the stand-alone housing unit is 120 feet by 50 feet.  A building that is correctly configured (with a 2nd story loft) would have approximately 7,200 square feet.  Some of that area would be for a sally-port entrance, control room and mechanical area.  The building would have two large dorm areas that could house up to 36 female inmates in each dorm for a total capacity of 72.  By utilizing a stand-alone unit, space could be freed up to be used in various educational and betterment programs within the Jennings County Jail. 

Upon competition of the stand-alone housing unit, it would allow flexibility within the current jail to utilize the previous female housing areas in other ways.  One of the small pods currently used for female housing could be used for male lock-down, discipline area or work release area.  The other small pod could be used for female lock-down, discipline area, work release area or infirmary for medical issues. 

Once the stand-alone unit is put into use, the jail capacity would be 208.  However, the Jennings County Jail would still have the capability, if ever needed, to expand the male housing by 48 more beds as stated above which would bring the total Jennings County Jail Capacity to 256.

Sheriff Freeman stated "I will continue seeking ways to be fiscally responsible while serving the needs of the community."

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